To register, download the app EASYBIKE from the App Store or Google Play, you must register with your mobile phone number, you will receive a verification code by SMS. Once you have entered the code, you register the EASYBIKE account successfully. But before you can use the bikem, you have to take the identity verification, and upload your EASYBIKE wallet.

EASYBIKE will not charge any deposit for using our bike. Therefore, the main purpose to ask you to take identity verification is to ensure that you are responsible for the bike during the use. If the bike is missing or broken during the use, EASYBIKE has the right to ask for the compensation. If you don’t take identity verification, you cannot use EASYBIKE service.

You will be asked to take the identity verification after registering your account. If you have Finnish ID, you can take the identification through your e-bank account. If you don’t have Finnish ID or online bank service, you can upload the documents for manual verification.

For manual verification, we need you to send following documents in PNG, JPEG or PDF format and no more than 3mb in size to verification@easybike.fi:

A copy of your valid official ID , anyone of following official ID is accepted:

  • Passport (the page with photo and information)
  • Finnish ID card (both front and back sides)
  • Finnish driving license (both front and back sides)

A photo of your face and holding your valid ID:

  • The photo will be from chest up, with you holding your valid official ID.
  • Both your face and the information on ID must be clear.
  • Besides for the requested documents, please write your mobile phone number which you used to register EASYBIKE service in the email.

For manual verification, click the manual verification button on App and follow the steps. It would take 24 hours to get the approval for manual ID verification.

Payment and tickets

No! There is no deposit for EASYBIKE, simply download the free app and sign-up. You will be asked to proceed to the identity verification. After that you can use our service freely.

Go to “My Wallet”, choose “Top Up”, then top up the suitable amount you want.You are able to use your online bank service or credit card as a payment method on the EASYBIKE application. 

Membership tickets are tickets with discount. When you buy the membership tickets, you will save more money and get more benefits for using EASYBIKE.

EASYBIKE offers different tickets for your choose:

  • You ride regularly

We recommend choosing “30 Days Membership ticket” or “ Season membership ticket. You have: 30 minutes free bike riding with unlimited times within a month or within the rest of the year.

  • You ride occasionally

We recommend you to top up enough balance in your account. You would pay according to the time of use the bike.

  • You are visitor

We recommend choosing “24 hours ticket” or “72 hours ticket”. You have 30 minutes fee bike riding with unlimited times within 24 hours or 72 hours.

  • You are student

We have special price for students to use EASYBIKE. To use the service with student price. You should verify your student identity.

Students can verify the student identity with your school’s email address. Click the option of “personal profile” on your App, find the “Student verification” under this option, click it and input your student email address, and click “get authorization code”. EASYBIKE would send an authorization code to your school’s email, and you will fill that code on EASYBIKE App to pass the student identity verification. One student email can only be used by one user account.

The balance in your wallet will be used to pay for your ride. The balance has no expiration date, is non-refundable and non-transferable.

No, you cannot get refund for the balance in your wallet, and you cannot transfer the balance to other users either.

Find and unlock

You can see the locations of the bikes on the  EASYBIKE app.

  1. Open EASYBIKE App, you can find EASYBIKE official parking spots on APP.
  2. You need click the parking spots logo, then the locations of the available bikes in this parking spot can be seen on the App map.
  3. You can choose a bike to reserve it or go to ride it directly.

Ensure that the Bluetooth on your phone is switched on. Scan the QR code on the bike, and it will automatically unlock. The QR code can be found on the front bar of the bike and on the back of mudguard.

You can also enter the bike No. to unlock the bike, the bike No. can be found under the QR code.

You can reserve a bike on the application. You can click the bike on the map and click the button for reservation. Then the bike would be reserved to you. The use fee starts counting from the reservation.

If the bike is broken or reserved, it cannot be unlocked. The reason would be seen on your App after scanning the QR code. If there is no reasons can be seen on App, please contact us.

There are indeed two different bike colors in EASYBIKE App, one is in Green color and another is in Orange color, as shown in the picture:

-The green bike means the bike is parked properly  in EASYBIKE official parking area.

-The orange bike means mens the bike is not parked properly, and it is out of EASYBIKE official parking area.

If you find an orange bike, we encourage you to ride the bike to official parking spots.

Lock and pay

Make sure that you have turned on the Bluetooth function, otherwise you cannot lock
or unlock the bike. You must lock the bicycle manually by hand firstly, then it always
takes 5-20 seconds for your App on mobile phone to end the trip automatically after the
bicycle is locked. The time depends on the Bluetooth device on your mobile phone.
Therefore, we suggest you check the App on your mobile after locking the bicycles, and
do not leave until you see the trip is ended on App.
If you still cannot end your trip, park the bike in official parking spots and please contact us to report the fault.

We request you to park the bikes in EASYBIKE official parking areas, if you lock the bike out of official parking areas, we will charge you the penalty fee and your credit points would be reduced too.

EASYBIKE will charge you the use fee from the wallet automatically. If you don’t have enough balance for the payment or you have overdue payment, you cannot use our bikes.

The valid use time for 30 days membership ticket is 30 days, from the day of purchase of the ticket.

The valid use time for season membership ticket is from the day of purchase of the ticket to the last day of the cycling season (31.10.2018.)

Parking Spots

On the App map, you can find the location of  EASYBIKE official parking spots.

At each parking spot, we have special sign to indicate EASYBIKE spot. You can see the green EASYBIKE parking  sign or EASYBIKE parking standee there. We are continuously expanding the service area and would provide more parking spots for users to park bikes  in future. We request you to lock the bikes in official parking spots.


EASYBIKE credit is used to maintain and encourage good behaviour among EASYBIKE riders. After signing up, you will be rewarded with 100 credits. Your credits would be reduced if you have improper behaviors for using EASYBIKE. EASYBIKE will evaluate the sequence of your improper behaviors and decide the points you would lose. If your credit is reduced to 0, you can no longer use EASYBIKE bikes.

You are behaving improperly if:

  • You haven’t locked the bike properly
  • You park outside the official parking areas
  • You violate traffic rules
  • You unauthorizedly take a bike to a private space (your home etc.)
  • You damage a bike on purpose
  • You use an unauthorized lock on the bike


EASYBIKE would provide different types of voucher with different values to users from time to time. Users can top up the voucher values into their own wallet. Usually user can only use one voucher for one type.

Go to “My Vouchers”, enter the voucher code on the voucher, or scan the QR code on the voucher, the voucher value will be added to your wallet balance.


You can report damage to a bike through the App:

Click the customer service logo on App, choose the “Fault Report” option, input the bike NO. and the location information. Choose the fault type, write more comments on the fault, upload the image if necessary.

You can unlock the bike and ride the bike to official EASYBIKE  parking spot. 

Invitation code

Each user has a unique invitation code, which can be used to invite others to EASYBIKE. When an invitation code is keyed in by a new user, the inviter will get the rewards for inviting the new users.

Go to “Invite Friends to Get Rewards”, there you can see your own invitation code, you can inform your code to your friends, ask them to key in your code when registration.

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